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Miha bodytec


We offer:

Miha bodytec system

An innovative technology for the stimulation of the entire muscular system, which works according to the principle of therapeutic electric stimulation. There are three programs:
- Strengthening and shaping of muscles,
- Metabolic or anti-cellulite,
- Relief and relaxation.
More about Miha bodytec technogy here .

Technogym Cardio Machines

Trainees are offered:
- A professional treadmill for walking and running with various fitness and bodyweight regulation programs,,
- Nordic walking trainer and stepper Vario

Multifunctional trainer Technogym Kinesis Personal

Exercising with the Kinesis engages the entire musculature of the body. This trainer replaces most of the devices from the classical gym and it is possible to perform over 200 different exercises with it.

The training sessions are individual , but can be in pairs. Corrective and anti-cellulite programs, aerobics and exercices on the floor are also available.


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About Miha Bodytec

Why Miha bodytec?

  • fat cells

    Lowers body weight and reduces fat

    Activating the metabolism burns significantly more calories even in the post-training period.

  • muscle

    Forms muscles

    Electric stimulation increases muscle tone, muscular endurance and mobility. All this results in a better aesthetic appearance.

  • shorter time

    Reduces training time

    In just 20 minutes of simultaneous stimulation of all muscle groups, the result is equivalent to multiple sessions of conventional training in the gym.

  • beginner

    Ideal for beginners

    Electrical stimulation properly stimulates muscle contraction and is therefore ideal for beginners because the exercise can not be done incorrectly.

  • cellulite

    Destroys cellulite

    With its special program Miha reaches deepest fat tissue and destroys it permanently.

  • joint

    It does not damage the joints

    Unlike conventional training, only skeletal muscles are stimulated by the electric current and no joints are burdened.

  • motivation

    Emotional effect

    It improves self-efficiency, increases motivation and improves vitality.

  • success

    Better performance in sports

    Improves performance in explosive power and speed.

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